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Mechanical, Process & Industrial

AMCDE has a proven and professional track record in the design of numerous installations in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical Plants, Desalination Plants, Steam and Power Generation Plants, Industrial Plants and Buildings. Such design work is in support of plants currently in operation that require upgrade or specific modifications.
The Mechanical Engineering team supports the process group by:

  • Providing design and data for specialized equipment
  • Providing specific technical scope for the procurement of specialized process equipment such as: receiver\launchers, knockout drums, filters, pressure vessels, fired heaters, heat exchangers, coolers, pumps and compressors, turbines, and other specialized rotating equipment. They also provide the technical support data for interface loads between equipment and supporting structures.
  • Providing basic flow and dynamic data for industrial and process piping design.
  • Design of the fire fighting systems appropriate to a given site, such as water storage, pumping stations, foam addition equipment and fire water distribution and sprinkler systems.
  • Design of inert gas distribution systems such as CO2 and others, for the protection of sensitive equipment used in communication, control and electrical rooms.
  • Design of the appropriate waste treatment site, holding tanks, septic tanks with leaching fields or facultative ponds or aerobic treatment plants.
  • Design of mechanical systems required to serve modern plant building structures such as:
    • HVAC: Design of ventilation & air conditioning systems for laboratories, control rooms, hazardous storage, workshops, etc.
    • Cooling Towers & Chilled Water Systems: Provide the equipment and piping design for cooling towers, pumping and piping for chilled water distribution for large size central cooling systems.
    • Plumbing: Provide piping design for potable hot & cold water, waste water, raw water storage, air distribution piping for pneumatic tools, and other mechanical service products such as oil & greases.

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