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Civil & Structural

AMCDE has a proven track record in the successful completion of numerous civil and structural projects designed utilizing the most cost-effective structures and carefully tailored to suit individual project needs like schedule, budget requirements and constraints. These structures include steel structures, reinforced concrete, pre-cast concrete\pre-stressed concrete, plate and shell design, composite members and space frame.

The civil & structural group performs in four relatively separate areas of expertise. These areas are as follows:

1. Plant Process Support:
Design of special structures such as pipe supports, pipe racks, raceway bridges, equipment foundation, underground infrastructure such as pumps, tanks, valve boxes, rain & chemical water drainage systems.

2. Industrial Plant Special Structures:
Provide more independent designs of specialized plant structures such as storage tanks & silos, equipment mounting structures, platforms, walkways, fixed crane structures, jib and overhead cranes, vehicle overpasses and bridges, docking structures for ships, roadways etc.

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