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Terminal, Marine & Offshore

AMCDE has been extensively involved in the design of marine projects comprising of offshore and onshore facilities, evaluation of strength and structural capacity of existing structures such as piers and wharves and design repair of existing damaged\deteriorated facilities.


  • Evaluation of aids to navigation in marine harbors, design of new navigation aids such as mooring buoys, marking buoys, beacon lights, leading lights and establishing leading lines for tankers for safe navigation day and night.
  • Choosing and establishing navigation channels in marine harbors, suggesting and designing of ship turning circle, and design of the right type of day marks.
  • Interesting projects in recent years are upgrading of berthing and mooring facilities of two berths in Jeddah. The projects consisted of designing of new berthing dolphins in the vicinity of existing ones, including design of new fixed fenders capable of accommodating a wide range of tankers from 45,000 to 100,000 MT dead weight design summer weight.
  • Calculation of berthing impact and mooring forces on tankers’ mooring lines are performed by hydrodynamic mooring analysis using ship/port modeling software/simulator to be close to the real conditions at berth.
  • Replacement of old fashioned mechanical mooring hook, with modern remotely controlled Quick Release Hooks equipped with Mooring Load Monitoring (MLM) System to enable the operators to monitor the forces in mooring and or spring lines in case of being overstressed for any unseen reason. This would help the terminal operators to have better control in securing the tanker at berth and/or releasing the lines quickly in case of accidents. All hooks are designed with integral capstan with local control to prevent any accident or mistakes during the operations.
  • Design of huge steel piles and dolphin platforms are performed using the latest version of software which considers interaction between wave, current and wind forces with the soil parameters of seabed at different penetration depth which would imitate the conditions that could rouse in real terms together with the forces of tankers at berth.
  • Cathodic protection of marine structures. Sacrificial anodes or impressed current anodes are employed depending on the specific application.
  • Wave diffraction analysis using computer modeling, to calculate the real condition at different locations of interest.
  • Construction and other activities in marine environment may have direct effect on marine life and marine habitat. AMCDE gets involved in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for each major marine project resulting in complete assessment of work condition and offers practical suggestions for construction phases, to prevent any serious undesired effect on marine life from happening.


Miscellaneous design work on offshore platforms: Piping, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Structural and Other works.


  • Design of Piers, corrosion analysis, and repair of concrete & steel structures.
  • Miscellaneous on-shore/near-shore design work. A sensitive issue, for example, is special area lighting to prevent glare to approaching vessels at night.

Such projects are designed in conjunction with participation of well known international specialist companies using the latest local and international standards and recommendations of international marine organizations such as International Association of Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) and Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF).

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