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Urban Planning & Transportations

AMCDE's other area of expertise include large scale city and urban planning combined with the extended capability & assistance of our international affiliate, Parsons Brinckerhoff International (PBI). AMCDE stands committed along with the expertise, capability and dedication to help cities and urban areas achieve comprehensive development and growth through sustained efforts and wise investment. Projects of such nature is of substantial importance, especially to the youth delivering tremendous opportunities for career building. Scope of activities in this area include but is not limited to:

  • Review and validate existing Master Plan, survey present situation land use and buildings use, propose modifications or amendments aiming at its continuation and improvement of its performances to meet the evolution and needs of the society.
  • Reflect the development policies proposed by the revised Schematic Master Plan in the detailed local areas plans at the level of adopted city divisions.
  • Propose urban development controls in order to accommodate present and future socio-economic developments.
  • Rationalizing the road network by evaluating transportation networks, identifying traffic saturation points, performing necessary traffic flow counts and surveys in city centers, arterial roads, intersections and major bridges.
  • Rationalize the creation of services infrastructure and other public facilities.
  • Suggest laws, regulations, and controls aiming at preserving landmark buildings, architectural features of heritage and historical importance, and lands and areas of environmental value.
  • Prepare a modern computer based planning and architectural database and digital base maps for the study area. These two tools will allow the implementation of a GIS and its use as an effective and comprehensive tool that assists in the performance of analytical studies and taking appropriate development decisions.

Such Studies will reflect to a large extent the following goals:

  • Enhancing quality of life for residents of the area through continuously monitoring natural, social and economical development and changes, identifying problems and needs as well as the peoples dreams and expectations.
  • Achieving sustainable development goals through applying sustainability concepts and approaches to various components of development, built environment, natural environment, planning, urban design, construction, socio-economy, industry, tourism, environment, etc., with emphasis on basic components of life and human settlements.
  • Improving efficiency in urban management and public services availability and accessibility through applying modern and up to date management and operation concepts.
  • Expanding the provision of basic range of services to enable the citizen to become more productive and capable of positive contribution.
  • Suggesting complete infrastructure projects necessary to achieve overall development.
  • Protecting environment against pollution and develop appropriate systems, and to preserve national resources and conserve wildlife.

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