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The scope of AMCDE services extend from the initial development of the control concept and philosophy developed with the process engineering, mechanical and piping teams and follow through to the detailed piping and instrumentation diagram.
The instrumentation group provides control system design by developing the architecture of central and distributed control and monitoring system, as well as the design of the individual control and instrumentation loops and the related detail interconnection and installation details such as:

  • Instrument and Control Device Selection
  • Instrument Data Sheets
  • Emergency Shutdown System Drawings
  • Instrument Loop Diagrams
  • Control Logic Diagrams
  • Control Valve Sizing and Specifications
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Installation Details
  • Performance Specifications for Distributed Control system, including System Configuration Requirements
  • Wiring Layouts
  • Instrument Points and Lines Layout
  • Pneumatic Piping and Tubing for Control Valve Operation

The instrumentation group provides procurement support development by preparing individual data sheets and specifications for each state-of-the-art device and sub-system in the control system. This design function requires coordination and selection of manufacturers and vendors who assist at the pre-procurement stage to supply data and expertise used in selecting the most appropriate device to the task.

Majority of the instrumentation work is executed in support for the project process control and monitoring requirements and tailored to meet specific process performance. AMCDE also has the capability to provide instrumentation dedicated to a process unit or integration with existing control system of a plant.

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