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Engineering, Procurement & Construction Management

The other area of specialization also includes material procurement, construction supervision and management after completion of detail design package. This furthermore enhances and diversifies AMCDE's resource capabilities.


AMCDE procurement group, with the support of the engineering specialists assembles and issue purchase inquiries for specialty equipment and contract bid documents. From this initial activity the group continues to provide the following functions:

  • Evaluates and pre-qualifies the proposed vendors for each specific case
  • Prepare and assemble bid packages with all attending requirements and conditions with respect to documentation, legal, commercial, shipping and quality.
  • Coordinates the comparison of technical and commercial tenders or proposals.
  • Draft purchase orders and in some cases place them as purchasing agents on behalf of the client.
  • Performs and coordinates the official interface communication between client, vendor and the engineering group.
  • Performs the progress invoice review and recommend payment.
  • Tracks all commercial variations to the initial purchase agreement.
  • Expedites the procurement internally through the review processes and externally with vendors from initial contact all the way to receipt of materials at site.
  • Provides inspection services with the assistance of engineers and specialized technicians to initially pre-qualify the vendors plan and furthermore to assure that the quality system is implemented, that the manufacturing is as per intended specifications and finally resolving conflicts between standards, codes, specifications and engineering scope.
  • AMCDE’s construction supervision group provides the construction supervisory services at the construction site. The services provided by the construction supervision group are as follows

    • Construction coordination supervision, including interface work between contractor and owner.
    • Chairing and documenting site coordination meetings.
    • Scheduling and progress review.
    • Evaluating progress billing by monitoring with the assistance of technical surveyors to quantify actual work performed.
    • Documenting, tracking and monitoring contract variations.
      Resident engineers assisted with technicians to certify quality of work performed, prepare deficiency list, witness test and certify completion of contract work.
    • Coordination with Home Office design engineers to resolve or correct technical problems derived from clashes between design, codes, specifications, construction scope of work and supplied equipment.
    • Receiving and storage of owner purchased material.
    • Site safety officer coordinates with the contractor to assure that contractor has in place general safety plan and procedures and that they are implemented. Assure that high-risk construction functions are pre-planned and safety provisions are reviewed prior to proceeding.
    • Site security.

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